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Why do you need life insurance?

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People need protection policies for a wide variety of reasons and there are several types of plans to cope with these situations.

In the main, people require life cover or life insurance for their mortgage so that their family and dependants will not be left with a large debt to repay and the possibility of losing the home they enjoy so much. This is also known as death cover.

Families with dependant children will also take out life insurance cover for a lump sum or income to provide for their children in the event of death. This life assurance provides financial support for the surviving parent or guardian so that costs such as child care, school trips, car expenses and further education can be afforded.

The cost of this life cover does not have to be large with appropriate advice and guidance from a financial adviser.

We are not life insurance sales people. There is no compulsion from any lender requiring you to have life cover. What we will do is help you evaluate the most suitable cover for you and find you the right offer.

The main types of term assurance and life insurance are:

Level Term

Premiums and life cover remain level throughout the policy. Can be in single or joint names.

Mortgage Protection

This is a form of decreasing term assurance. The premium remains constant but the life cover gradually reduces each year. Normally used to protect a capital and interest (repayment) mortgage. Can be in single or joint names.

Family Income Benefit

These are used to pay a monthly or yearly income in the event of death. Commonly used to provide a widow/er with income to ensure dependent children can be adequately provided for. Can be in single or joint names. Slightly cheaper than level term assurance cover.

Critical Illness Cover

People are becoming increasingly more aware of the value of having critical illness cover in place. Unlike life cover, this benefit pays out once you have been diagnosed with one of the specified illness as listed in the policy.

Income Protection Benefit

This is a policy which will ensure you receive a monthly benefit to cover a large percentage of your income should you be off work as a result of sickness or an accident. The benefits can cover you from a range of 12 months, 24 months or until your specified retirement age.

Accident Cover

For those of you with active lifestyles or occupations prone to accidents, this policy would suit your requirements. It will also cover your children as parents result in a loss of earnings due to children’s accidents and having time off work.

Need More Information?

If you are unsure whether you need life cover or you just want to discuss the different types please give one of our advisers a call. They can very quickly chat over your options.

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